Super SOCO TC Max
Super SOCO TC Max
Super SOCO TC Max
Super SOCO TC Max
Super SOCO TC Max
Super SOCO TC Max
Super SOCO TC Max
Super SOCO TC Max

Super SOCO TC Max

Pre-order now - Delivery June 2021

Super Soco TC Max debuted on the European market in 2018 and became number one electric equivalent to 125CC ICE motorcycles for the next year.In Canada it is limited to 70km/h and classified as a LSM (49cc equivalent). This is a zippy bike, and very entertaining that will make your daily commute a pleasure. Unlike gas engines, the electric motor dumps torque into the rear wheel at once, so rather than revving up you get immediate bite at the slightest twist of the throttle.

Developed in collaboration with Bosch, for the engine part, assembled in China from European parts, this model targets a clientele of bikers, concerned about the pleasures of piloting and rides. The engine, if it is not a lightning of war, develops 5 kW in peak, which gives it nice accelerations. It peaks fairly quickly, more than sufficient for a busy urban traffic. The line is indeed that of a motorcycle, slightly “vintage”, a kind of nicely dressed roadster. Everything is reminiscent of the motorcycle: braking, efficient, line, attractive, handling, almost flawless.

3000w (5000w Peak)
Battery type
Battery capacity
45 Ah
Max speed
Max range
Safe climbing angle
15 degree
Tire type
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