Super SOCO TSx
Super SOCO TSx
Super SOCO TSx
Super SOCO TSx
Super SOCO TSx
Super SOCO TSx
Super SOCO TSx

Super SOCO TSx

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V-Moto has come with a new electric bike called the TSx that looks like TS on a first sight but has the performance of the TC. The components as battery, Bosh motor and controller are the same as in the TC. This machine is designed as a beginner model. It’s the equivalent to a 50cc motorcycle, according to SAAQ and targeted at brand new beginner riders. Folks who have never ridden before and just need something for around town.

The motorcycle has a top speed of 70km/h and a curb weight of only 70kg. The Bosch 1500W electric motor is perfect for the bike’s purpose and has two power modes. One limits the bike to 45km/h, and the other allows up to 70km/h. The bike can do 65km per charge (if you keep it at a low speed), but it has a compartment for you to add a second battery that can boost the range to 130km per charge. Each battery takes three to four hours to charge fully.

Battery type
Battery capacity
30 ah
Max speed
Max range
Safe climbing angle
15 degree
Tire type
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